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FlipCity will be discontinuing this online service soon. As such, FlipCity will no longer offer the service of letting users purchase a Trial FlipBook and having the Purchased FlipBook hosted at FlipCity.

For FlipBooks that have already been purchased and whose hosting entitlements have not yet expired, we will move these FlipBooks to another server, and redirect their existing access URLs to the new locations instead. However, if you wish to host these purchased FlipBooks on your own server, you can obtain your FlipBook files through the Download FlipBook link in the Purchased FlipBooks page of your Library.

Please contact us if you have queries, or visit us at http://www.FlipViewer.com to find out how you can continue to create FlipBooks using our client-side tools instead of the online services provided by FlipCity.




"We wanted to offer something different to our readers, and putting the magazine online in this format enabled us to provide them with a multimedia experience unlike any other paintball magazine...

We chose E-Book Systems' technology because of all the extra elements it has allowed us to incorporate into publishing our digital issues...

Since introducing the digital issues, the reader response has been overwhelmingly positive...

We've seen the numbers for our online subscriptions growing steadily, with a 100% increase in online subscriptions ..." - Cheryl Amaya, Publisher of Paintball 2Xtremes

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